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Q: Che cosa significa Velcro - what a rip off!?
A: Ahahaha, that's funny. Velcro is a material that you simply pull apart, or you could say rip apart... so "what a rip off!" is a play on words. A "rip off" can mean you paid for something that wasn't worth it or was fake, but here "rip off" also means the action of pulling apart Velcro. =)

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? Velcro
A: It is also Velcro :-)
Same as spanish

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Q: Your Velcro strap is undo, can you fasten it now?
Your Velcro strap is unfastened, can you secure it now?
Are both correct?
A: It should be "undone" rather than "undo", in the first example. With that correction, both examples are grammatically correct, but they're not natural spoken English.

English speakers would say something like:
- Your strap is undone, can you fasten it?
- Your strap is undone, can you do it up?

There's no need to specify that it's a Velcro strap - you can just say strap. You also don't need the word 'now' - it's clear that the speaker is asking for this to be done now.
Q: The Velcro strap was too long to fit my helmet.
The Velcro was too long to fit my helmet.
Do you need to adjust the length of the Velcro?
Are they all correct?
A: yeah, sounds good to me
Q: The Velcro doesn't adhere any more.

Is it correct?
Are there other ways to say it?

It's easy to understand – no problem. You could say:

This Velcro doesn't work anymore
This Velcro won't stick anymore
Q: The Velcro strap is for crossing the back of the head. sembra naturale?
A: I would use something along the lines of, “The Velcro strap goes around your head and connects at the back,” Sorry I’m even having issues trying to explain this lol

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