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Q: How to use take and taken?
A: "Taken" is used to describe something you have used "take" on. Like, "I'm going to take this seat, so now this seat is taken." :)
Q: What are some of the VERBS that actually came from the name of the company, brand, product etc? For example, google can be a verb, like "google it," right? And taser is also the name of the company that sells tasers, but it also can be used as a verb, right? What else can you think of that you can use in your daily conversation?
A: -To rollerblade
-To weed eat (the weed eater)
-I'm going to go jet skiing on the lake (jet ski: name of product by Kawasaki Heavy Ind.)
-To bubble wrap/to be bubble wrapped
-To breathalyze someone (comes from "breathalyzer")
-Wite out or white out, Idk (*meaning to apply wite-out)
-to xerox something, meaning to photocopy something ("zeer-ox")
-I hula hooped for hours (the hula hoop)
Hope this helps:)

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