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Q: Che cosa significa vortex in this context?
A: a vortex is like a tunnel so it is saying how it goes through many twists and turns and tunnels ..I think
Q: Che cosa significa vortex?
A: An air/fluid thats whirling, like a whirlpool.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con vortex, whirl.
A: "I whirled around in the wheelchair."
"The space ship was sucked into the vortex."

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra vortex e vortices ?
A: Vortices is the plural of vortex. One vortex, many vortices.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra vortex e gyre ?
A: A vortex is typically used to describe a whirlwind or whirlpool and used in meteorological terms but also has literary uses whereas gyre is just used for creative writing and is not typically used to describe weather.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? vortex
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Can I use "vortex" to describe a shape? If yes, what's the difference between it and "spiral"?
A: I'd say spiral is more like a winding shape while vortex feels more 3D, like it's pulling you in depending on context.
Q: What "vortex" means? Please show me ways to use this word and its pronuntiation
A: Vortex is a whirl of water or air, or the center of something that draws the outside in. An example of a vortex is a whirlpool.
You would pronounce it vôrˌteks

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