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Q: Che cosa significa early voting?
A: During election years in the US, some states offer early voting. It gives people a chance to vote before the actual Election Day either by mail or at a poll location. Polling stations get crowded on Election Day, so early voting makes it less crowded.
Q: Che cosa significa voting record and. congress apples on line 6 in the pic?
A: “Voting record” means the history of votes a politician did on various laws and bills. Appall means to shock or disappoint in an extreme way
Q: Che cosa significa if voting made a difference, they would make it illegal.?
A: to make a difference = to make a significant change, to improve things

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra voting age e election age ?
A: As far as I know, they're synonymous.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra voting result e vote result ?
A: thanks a lot!
Q: Qual è la differenza tra voting e poll e ballot ?
A: voting is choosing someone or something. A poll is when you answer many questions. A ballot is where you mark your vote.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? voting rights, legal equality, and a new constitution was established after the French Revolution.
(is it natural?)
A: thank you so much!

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Q: Once I start using the voting system, I get to catch what the students really think in real-time. sembra naturale?

You can also say: “Once I start using the voting system, I get to catch what the students are thinking in real-time.”
Q: Voting rights in Japan is protected whether citizens who are incarcerated or not. What the most I was surprised with was that voting rights would be limited for several years even after criminals complete their sentences or probation in some states in the US. sembra naturale?
A: In Japan voting rights are guarantees for citizens even if they were were in jail. What surprises me the most was that in some states in the U.S voting rights will be limited for several years after the criminals have completed their sentences or if they are in probation. I don’t get everything you wanted to said but hope this help you
Q: You are unable to use the real-time voting and posting features due to you are using the plan that is only for the online survey plan. sembra naturale?
A:  "due to the fact *that* you are..." ✔
Q: What does "voting rolls" mean? Especially "rolls"?

Bucci didn’t need to prove she was a citizen to renew her license (Kansas says an expiring license is good enough). But shortly after she registered, she received a phone call and a letter in the mail saying her voter registration was still pending because she hadn’t proved she was a citizen. Bucci, who was born in Maryland, didn’t have a copy of her birth certificate or any of the other documents, like a passport, to prove she was a citizen. She was working a minimum wage job at a correctional facility at the time and couldn’t afford the $20 to get her birth certificate from Maryland. Because she couldn’t prove she was a citizen, Kansas kicked her off the voting rolls.
A: Voting rolls are lists of people who are eligible to vote. When we go to vote we sign our name in the roll book.

In this case the word roll means list. In school the teacher might “call the roll,” or do “roll call” at the start of class and record who is present and who is absent.
Q: I think the mandatory voting system helps to some extent. For example, if we made voting not mandatory, it might result in less people turning out for a vote. sembra naturale?
A: Instead of saying "not mandatory", it may sound better to say "voluntary" or "optional". (:

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