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Q: Che cosa significa you waddled up to me?
A: A waddle is sort of a childish walk. Like a penguin 🐧 so to waddle up to someone is to walk to them with a rocking motion
Q: Che cosa significa waddle of screen?
A: I don’t know what the original sentence means, but I can explain what “waddle” and “off screen” mean.

“Waddle” is a type of walking, that looks similar to how penguins walk. You know how penguins kind of sway left to right as they walk? That is a waddle. It is used to describe people who look funny while they walk, especially if they are short or fat people who look like penguins.

When you can see something on your computer screen, or your tv screen, that thing is said to be “on screen.” When you cannot see it anymore (for example, if the camera is not pointing at the thing anymore), it is said to be “off screen.”

So, if something “waddles off screen right,” it means it does a silly walk towards the right, until you can’t see it anymore on the screen.
Q: Che cosa significa waddling towards?
A: Waddle - walk with shorts steps in a clumsy way
Waddling towards would mean that the thing was going towards something in a clumsy way.

Example: The ducks were waddling to the water.
Q: Che cosa significa waddling?
A: Waddle in Portuguese means = andar gingando or bamboleando

For example:

Mamã, temos de andar gingando como elas?
Mama, do we have to waddle like they do?

It's meaning in English is:

(usually of a person or animal with shortlegs and a fat body) to walk with shortsteps, moving the body from one side to the other.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra waddle e stumble ?
Waddle (walk in a clumsy sideway motion. For example, I saw a duck waddled across the road.)

Stumble (lose one’s balance and almost fall.)

My young son waddled like a penguin and stumbled often when he first started to walk. 😊
Q: Qual è la differenza tra waddle e shuffle ?
A: Waddle means someone who takes short steps when they walk so they are moving a little awkwardly. Shuffling means someone is dragging their feet when they walk.
“He waddles like a duck when he walks.”
“I heard him shuffling his feet across the floor.”

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