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Q: Che cosa significa Walmart?
A: Walmart is a popular store in America, which sells cheap products.
Q: Che cosa significa Walmart?
A: It's the name of a store chain. It comes from "Wal(ton)" + "mart" [market]
"Walton" is the name of the family that owns it.
Q: Che cosa significa Walmart CEO criticizes Trump but is not stepping down from advisory council?
A: Trump has an advisory council that many business leaders are a part of. In response to Trump's comments about what happened at Charlottesville, approximately five leaders have resigned from the council in protest (i.e. the CEOs of Intel, Under Armour, etc.). This statement means that the Walmart CEO publicly said he did not agree with what Trump said about the Charlottesville incident, however the CEO of Walmart did not resign from Trump's advisory council.
Q: Che cosa significa When Walmart left town, it didn’t linger over the goodbyes.?
A: That the company didn't think twice about what it was leaving behind. In this case an empty building.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? I'm going to Walmart yesterday
A: thanks dear😊
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Walmart
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: 1.I’m being charged by Walmart for 13 bucks every month. What it’s for?
2. What are the benefits of Walmart plus.

sembra naturale?
A: It sounds natural but in your first sentence it would sound more clear if you said:

Walmart is charging me 13 bucks a month (or every month)
Q: I found this in Walmart. I didn’t see the size before buying it. It was much bigger than I expected. sembra naturale?
A: Exchanging "see" for "check" would make it even better
Q: What is Walmart?
Q: Could you drop by Walmart on the way your home. sembra naturale?
A: "Could you drop by Walmart on your way home?" is very natural 😊
Q: We (Walmart) are committed to global responsibility initiatives that make our world better. I'm proud of our work to advance environmental sustainability, to support women's economic empowerment, and to offer healthier food choices for our customers. We continue to look for more ways to lead and have an even greater impact on the communities that we serve. I’m pleased with the enhancements we’ve made, including better technology, to strengthen these organizations and build world-class compliance.
A: "the communities we serve" means the places the stores are located and their customers.
These organizations seems to refer to the Walmart corporation and the various "initiatives" mentioned earlier.

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