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Q: Che cosa significa It warms me wallet to see me employees coming in so early
->what does it mean ? I brought it from "Sponge bob" ?
A: Mr.crabs is expressing that it makes him happy to see his employees at work so early because it will make him money. He is speaking in a "pirate slang" ex: "me wallet" instead of the proper "my wallet"
Q: Che cosa significa warms my heart!?
A: Gives you a pleasant, satisfying feeling." It warms my heart to see the children playing so nicely together."
Q: Che cosa significa ‎Fire warms until it burns, it lights until it blinds and it feeds until it consumes. The duality of fire is in essence the very same duality of nature that rages inside each one of us. ?
A: It’s a very poetic way to say, too much of something, even if it’s good, can become harmful. Ex. Sugar can be sweet until it hurts your teeth. Everything in the universe has two sides. A good and bad. Nature is not kind or calm but it has good and bad way. Ex. Rain can give us water or flood and destroy our home.

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Q: ‎It was little chilly outside, but he warms up her heart Does this sound natural? sembra naturale?
A: × ‎It was little chilly outside, but he warms up her heart Does this sound natural?
✓ ‎It was little chilly outside, but he warmed up her heart Does this sound natural?

Q: "no idea. i'm totally poor with quizes. okay i'll tell you what, can you at least give me some warms or colds?" sembra naturale?
A: By "give me some warms or colds," do you mean "tell me if my answer is close to the right answer"?

If so, then this is what I would say: "No idea. I'm really bad at quizzes... Can you at least tell me if I'm hot or cold?"

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