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Q: Che cosa significa whatnot?
A: 'that kind of thing' 'those kinds of things'.
Q: Che cosa significa whatnot?
A: it's like "etc." but like "various minor things that aren't worth mentioning."

"I spent the day doing chores and whatnot."

You aren't explaining any minor things you did at home that day. Watched the news, walked the dog.
Q: Che cosa significa whatnot?
A: I agree

@JeffChiu I think it is used like "etc" or "and so on" / "things like ..."

Books, pencils, and whatnot = things like books and pencils; books, pencils, etc; books, pencils, books, and so on
Q: Che cosa significa whatnot?
A: it's like "stuff," or things related to what you were talking about.

My closet is full of clothes and boxes and whatnot.
Q: Che cosa significa "or whatnot."?
A: It means the same thing as "or whatever" It basically means the person couldn't think of a specific example, so they just say "or whatnot/whatever"

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con and whatnot.
A: @Ri-na It’s a bit like などなど。

I like the takoyaki in Osaka because they have batter crumbs and whatnot.

It’s like ‘other unspecified things’. とか、中でも。
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con whatnot.
A: "Whatnot" is a form of saying "etc." when listing things, basically meaning "other things."

"I like shopping for shoes, purses, and whatnot."

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra whatnots e "what have you" ?
A: A whatnot is a small unspecified thing
My mother has whatnots all over the house. It’s impossible to clean.

What have you also means “things” but it’s things generally.

Whatnots are small items such as collectibles or small things decorating a house.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra or whatnot e or something ?
A: "Whatnot" comes from "What not." For example, "He was burning wood and metal and bricks and plastic and whatnot." In this sentence, whatnot has the idea "was there anything that he was not burning?" or "he was burning so many things, that there was nothing that he was not burning."
So, "whatnot" is used like "something," but only in situations when "something" could be anything (within reason). A common sentence that it might be used in is "They had everything at that store. They had this and that and whatnot." It just means that the store had everything you might want.

Saying "or whatnot" is similar to "or something." The subtle difference is that "or whatnot" implies that the speaker is not sure if they are describing something correctly. While "or something" is the speaker is sure that their description is correct, but they are not sure what to call it. For example, "He owns a Ferrari or whatnot." This means that the speaker is describing a car, but they don't know what kind it was. It might be similar to a Ferrari, but they don't know. It might not be similar to a Ferrari at all. "He owns a ferrari or something." This means that the speaker has a reason to think that the car is specifically a Ferrari, but it is possible that the car is something similar to a Ferrari.

There is not a rule on when to use these phrases, but that is the difference that I notice between them.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra whatnot e what-not ?
A: whatnots..= are items you don't really know what there purpose is...
what not...= what not to wear, what not to do..
………what not to eat.....

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Q: What does it mean "... and whatnot" (details down below)
A: It's a way of saying etc. Or "and the like" or something similar. Or, as you said, stuff like that. It is quite informal.
Q: is "and whatnot" casual?

should I use "and so on" or "and the like" in business settings?
A: In a presentation, it would sound like you didn't exactly know what you where talking about, but generally speaking with a coworker it's completly fine.
Q: what is whatnot ?
A: It is sort of like saying "and so on" when listing things.
Basically it refers to everything else that could be in the list but wasn't included.
So if you were listing the music you like, you could say "I like rock music. My favorite bands are Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, and whatnot"
Q: does whatnot mean ect ?
A: what do you mean
I have not understood you well
could you explain more ?
Q: "whatnot"Is it old expression?
A: not really. Just not usually written. It kinda works like 「や」


I like things like books, food, and what not.

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