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Q: Che cosa significa what does wildcard mean in slang?

Wildcard – a person or situation which you cannot predict. The element of a game or a situation which could radically change the result.
Q: Che cosa significa what does wildcard mean in slang?
A: It generally means that something or someone is a bit unpredictable. You often use it in the construction 'X can be a bit of a wildcard'. If it's about a person then it's usually about how they do a job. For example, if a footballer is a wildcard then it means sometimes he/she performs amazingly, then at other times they're awful.
Q: Che cosa significa wildcard?
A: wildcard can mean someone/something is chosen at random. like in sports you have the winning teams that earned their place in a tournament then they add a wildcard of some random team to make it more interesting
Q: Che cosa significa wildcard?
A: It usually refers to something (or someone) that is unpredictable. It indicates there are many possibilities and the outcome will not be known until later.

For example, in a computer search, a wildcard symbol (example: * ) may refer to any character/word.

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Q: "* is a special wildcard character that we have been using."
Could you paraphrase this sentence, especially the "we have been using" part.
I don't get well when exactly is * a wildcard, because I think it's the first time they use and mention about *.
A: Your understanding of "have been using" is correct. When I read that sentence, I also think that they're saying that the wildcard character has been used before in the textbook. While I don't know what the author means, at least your understanding of the sentence is the same as a native's.

Maybe if I had more context or if I had read the textbook, I'd understand the sentence better.

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