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Q: Che cosa significa xan ?
A: I don't recognize that word. Maybe it is a load word or the name of someone/something or maybe it's a slang spelling. I have no clue

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Q: please xan you explain a question about this paragraph. So it says : select the sentence that distinguishes two ways of integrating rock and classical music.
Answer : it's the last sentence
but I don't understand why it only says that it's for listeners steeped in rock rather than classics .
Q: xan somebody tell me what connotation 'hell yes' have? i know the meaning of the word just want the nuance
A: hell yes~~ well, maybe; i mean doesnt it always depend on how close or formal you are? mm if i were to make a comparison, maybe using 'hell' as slang is like using 개? anyway i think its better not to use it towards 기타 hahaha

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