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Q: Che cosa significa The prestigious Yale University has expelled a student whose parents paid more than a million dollars in bribes to get her in, the first such move since a huge admissions scandal erupted earlier this month. ?
A: it means the first student to be expelled (kicked out of school) by Yale because she was only accepted with the financial help of her wealthy parents. This is a first action since they discovered many top colleges and universities were accepting bribes to let students in that normally would not be accepted.

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Q: I want to go on to Yale. Is it natural?
A: It makes sense if you are talking about starting at one school and moving to another.

I'm going to Brown now, but I want to go on to (= transfer and continue at) Yale.
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia Yale, Jail .
A: Yale Jail Yale Jail
Q: "Yale is preparing an English entrance exam, which makes up only for a speaking section." sembra naturale?
A: No you would not say makes up instead of composed of. You could say is made up of.

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