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Q: Che cosa significa yeap?
A: Yes. Like this;
Do you want a drink?
Q: Che cosa significa yeap, she won't be your girlfriend anymore. Russian ones don't tolerate cheating on them. Some of them may hurt you back.?
A: My Japanese isn't that good so I'll try my best 😂

Q: Che cosa significa yeap?
A: yeap= согласие , что то вроде yes можно ещё и сказать yeah,ya одно и тоже значение

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra yeap e yes ?
A: It is 'yep' not 'yeap', I think.

Yep is very casual/informal and borrowed from English US.

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Q: yeap, I want to make friends and we can cheat when we have a free time. So, anyone want?
A: sure, I'm studying chinese in highschool.

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