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Q:Ylang Ylang is reportedly good for women because men likes the smell unconsciously and that can control the balance of hormone up.
And also that is nice for hair because hair condetion is depends on female hormone.
But after put it on, I didn't feel smooth. That can be said other oils such as Yrang Yrang,Jasmine and Geranium.
A: Ylang Ylang is shown to good for women as it helps in controlling their hormones with effectiveness . This is essential as a woman's hair condition depends on her hormonal balance. Another interesting feature Ylang Ylang claims to have is that it attracts men are through its fragrance without them realizing.

But after put it on, I didn't feel smooth or comfortable . That can be said as well for the other oils such as Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and Geranium."

😊 I hope that helps. But tell me, you didn't like the product?
Q: We would like to know if you could provide us with 1kg of Ylang Ylang Oil?
Karla recommend we to buy from Charabot, and Luaces in Charabot think we'd better turn to your side. sembra naturale?
A: Take out "think we'd better turn to your side." It is confusing and does not make sense but other than that it is good.

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