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Q: YOUNA specializes in the distribution of cosmetics. Since we started offering our products in Duta Duty-Free Store, we have expanded our presence to Lotte, Shilla, and Shinsegae Duty-Free stores. We are a growing company and Our offerings enjoy a rapid market acceptance and sales of just a single product from our extensive lineup have already topped 600,000 in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. sembra naturale?
A: Our should not capitalized. Very well written sentences!
Q: YOUNA strives to develop core competency within things such as vertical insights, an online marketing process system, fast and horizontal decision-making system as well as challenging entrepreneurship. We bring innovation to various industrial fields by taking advantage of excellent manpower, teamwork, trust-based partnership, global competitiveness and business experiences. sembra naturale?
Q: YOUNA is a leading distributor of cosmetics. Since we housed our products in Duta Duty Free Shop, we have expanded our stores to Lotte, Shilla, and Shinsegae Duty Free stores. We are growing a global company as we sold more than 600,000 single products in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan while witnessing rapid market responses. sembra naturale?
A: oh! Thank you for the corrections and the option!

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