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Q: Che cosa significa Why did the zero start dating?
To find the 1.?
A: this is a joke because the saying “find the one” in referring to someone’s soulmate.

so zero (0) is trying to find the one (1) which is the next number, it is a pun
Q: Che cosa significa What does,,zero in (on)'' mean??
A: It’s fairly common. Though it’s not used too frequently, most English speakers will still understand. And yes, both those examples sound natural!
Q: Che cosa significa "zero fun at parties"?
A: no fun at parties, not fun at parties.

If 10 is the best, and the most fun... Zero/0 is no fun at all..
Q: Che cosa significa "zero out" means remove or reduce. Which meaning is more closer??
A: it's when you reduce so much that nothing is left. remove is fine too, because you are removing things in order to reduce them but I would say "reduce to nothing" is the best definition :)
Q: Che cosa significa what does mean "zero out"??
A: I would use with use "reduce"

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra "zero in on" e "focus on" ?
A: “Zero in on” is more casual - they both mean to concentrate on a certain point or detail

“Focus on” can also mean to pay attention to something for an extended period of time
“I just can’t focus on my homework tonight”
Q: Qual è la differenza tra zeros e zeroes ?
A: Both are acceptable, but “zeros” is more common. “Zeroes” is used as a verb.

• He zeroes in on the target. (Meaning, he focuses his gun on the target)

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Q: There has been zero food safety issues or accidents a year after introducing the shared kitchen system. sembra naturale?
A: This sounds almost natural, but it would be better as:

There have been zero food safety issues or accidents a year after introducing the shared kitchen system.


A year after introducing the shared kitchen system, there have been zero food safety issues or accidents.
Q: "But we need this zero at December 31." sembra naturale?
A: We need this value to reach zero by December 31.

(I think? Or do you mean something else?)
Q: I got a zero on my test.
I got zero on my test. Which one is correct.
sembra naturale?
A: "I got a zero on my test" is natural.
Q: Which is correct between "zero dog" and "zero dogs"?
Q: Why do you say "not" instead of "Zero"? I am watching math-videos on youtube and everytime one pronounces the number, for example 3.001, he says "three point not not one". Why not zero? And what about numbers on the left side of the point? They are zero, right? So 0.3 is "zero point three", am i correct?
A: Sounds like UK English to me. In the US, we would say zero or 'oh'.

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