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Lingua madre

  • Russo Esperto

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  • Inglese (Regno Unito)
  • Tedesco
  • Spagnolo (Spagna)
  • Russo

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Federazione Russa

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  • Stati Uniti
  • Germania


Languages are my passion 💗🤓
My motto: All you need is practice, but grammar is all we need 🤔
🇷🇺📓 🇬🇧📕 🇩🇪📗 🇪🇸📘 ⏩ 🔁
Eat 🍽, pray 😇, learn languages 📚📝 "Gonna learn 'em all" ❤️💛💚💙💜
Tim Doner, Kato Lomb, Heinrich Schliemann are my idols/crushes 😍☺️
Instagram, Memrise, Duolingo - @maryashc
Thanks to people who spend their time correcting my mistakes 🕵🤗🙏 it very kind of you