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  • Tedesco Esperto

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  • Danese
  • Inglese (Stati Uniti)
  • Francese (Francia)
  • Cinese semplificato (Mandarino)
  • Spagnolo (Spagna)

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  • Danimarca
  • Francia
  • Italia
  • Filippine


Hi there, my name is Rebecca and I was raised in Germany (born in Austria). I live and work in Germany, but would like to meet many people from different countries. Currently I am learning Danish, because my boyfriend is "half" Danish and has family there. I would also like to improve my Spanish, French and Mandarin again. :)

Besides learning languages, I love to paint, play computer games (Sims 4), read (Dan Brown, Ben Aaronovitch, Harry Potter, and so on) and listen to rock and metal music (Tool, SOAD, Machine Head, and so on).