17 mag 2015

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I was invited to write a testimonial for a book. I need your help to proofread this, thank you so much!
I was once an English teacher in New Oriental School, teaching basic oral English and New Concept English Book 2. But for me, there are various accent phenomenons in American English which got me and my young students so much headache until I met Rachel’s English. I have been recommending Rachel’s videos to all of my teacher friends and students on and offline. Now, we have the book by Rachel. Concise, comprehensive and friendly words and audios makes it so much easier and helpful when you want to learn common and classical pronunciation such as Can VS. Can’t, reduction on SHOULD, GONNA and etc. I bet many English teacher here in China don’t know what MUNA is. I am so grateful that I met Rachel’s English and got inspired. Can’t wait for the book and hope all of the American English learners find the beautiful journey along with Rachel:D!

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