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How to say these words in Korean?

He's the only one who really care about you when there's no fan and nobody care about you in your hardest time. He's the only one who celebrated your birthday when no one did it for you this year. He's the only person who inquired, encouraged and worried about you when you didn't post anything new on Instagram. He tried to protected you from anti-fans and he posted a lots of old photos and videos about you to get many more fans. And everything he did is very difficult, not easy at all. Did you really think you can return as a BJ and sit there and talk with your fans by your own strength? Did you really think you can do these all by yourself? If he'd never known you, may be right now, you're still sitting somewhere and crying alone. His mom just died and you met someone for a blind date? You know how much he love you but how can you betrayed him like that? You're a bad girl that's why you never met a good man in your life. If he died or something wrong happened to him, we won't forgive you and you're gonna pay for it.
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How to say these words in Korean?
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