6 nov 2020

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The following year, a TBS executive traveled to the United States, accompanied by a Japanese program exporter. They successfully negotiated with ABC, one of the three major networks, to sell "Eighth Man" to them. However, ABC's contract with ABC contained a clause stating that TBS shall transfer to ABC all the intellectual property rights to the characters, their names and the title of the show (except in Japan), but TBS signed the contract without checking it carefully. It meant that new "Eighth Man" shows, comic strips, and movies were possible to make beyond TBS's control abroad of Japan.

Japanese people learned for the first time that cartoon characters could be sold separately from the work as intellectual property. Such a method was not written in the law, but it was possible to claim it to be a "right" by combining several laws. This American-born legal theory, invented by Walt Disney to maintain complete control over his beloved son Mickey Mouse as an intellectual property, was learned by TBS through its legal failure of the "Eighth Man" contract. They realized that exporting TV cartoons to the U.S. would not be as easy as they had originally thought.
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