15 gen 2021

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It is questionable whether or not the TBS had a truly correct understanding of the American peculiar law theory regarding cartoon characters at the time. After all, regardless of the competence of the staff of TBS's copyright division, the only material for analysis and research on this issue was the contract written in English for the "Eighth Man" show prepared by the American television network when TBS sold the films to it. Moreover, even though they had clearly analyzed and learned the American theory at the time, the way to develop business by treating cartoon characters as something equivalent to a basic patent for a cartoon show or comic book title was too advanced and too pragmatic American for Japanese businessmen to understand back then.

Therefore, TBS developed a Japanese way of marketing cartoon characters: it planned and developed its own "work" (the actual production was commissioned by an outside studio), claiming that it had the exclusive rights to completely control the secondary use of the main characters, and if someone tried to sell them as products without TBS's permission, it would warn to him, claiming that it was infringing the "adaptation" rights of the work.

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