30 gen 2021

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Note that "Astro Boy", the first weekly 30-minute animated television show produced in Japan, was launched in 1963, the year following the Toei Animation strike. Japanese animation historians have long supported the theory that "Astro Boy" was responsible for the collapse of the wage system in animation production: Before the arrival of "Astro", cartoon shows on Japanese TV were imported from the U.S. Suddenly, a very successful and wealthy cartoonist set up his own animation studio to produce cartoons for television without worrying about profitability and then made a commercial success, and other animation studios were forced to follow suit. The wage system, as a result, was thrown into turmoil at each studio... In reality, however, the search for a peculiar wage system had begun the year before the broadcast of "Astro", as a reaction to the "victory" of a large-scale labor movement, a strike at Toei Animation.
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