15 apr 2021

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Did I use GET DOWN correctly? Can u see mistakes? ❤️🙏🏻
1- Katie, could you please get the clock down and change it the batteries?
2- Get down! Don't step on the chairs with those dirty shoes again
3- Get the Christmas tree down from the attic and put it in the living room
4- Martha is so positive and optimist, she never gets down with anything
5- I got down when my friends didn't buy me a cake for my birthday
6- You will never see me getting down with bullshit
7- Matias got down when his friends went out without him
8- I got down when I asked out Cindy for dinner and she said no

Do they sound natural?

[Novità] Ehi tu! Dico a te che stai imparando una lingua!

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