13 giu 2021

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Young people’s minds and characters are shaped by what they see and experience day to day. The examples set by the adults around them and by what they see on the screen of their tv or computer can heavily influence the way they behave and what they consider acceptable doing. That is why I think that violent media encourages real-life violence among young people. A number of arguments support my opinion.

Seeing gratuitous violence daily on their favourite show can make young people accustomed to it. When they see what they consider to be their hero frequently punching someone to death or repeatedly draw his gun to shoot somebody, these violent actions become almost normal. This can result in lack of empathy and numbness in the face of sufferance, or they can even try to recreate what they saw just to feel powerful. Since they are still growing and figuring out what they believe is right or wrong, young people should not consume excessively violent media.

Another important factor that shapes the life and mind of young people is the influence of video games. In their virtual reality there are little to no consequences: they must shoot as many enemies as possible to win their mission and it doesn’t matter how many civilians they run over with their car, as far as they win the race in the end. Since they’re still young it can be difficult to realize what is morally right or wrong, especially if they are used to seeing and doing violence every day. Until they are mature enough to separate their fictional life from their real one, young people should not act violent, even if it’s play pretend in a video game.

What the media show us every day becomes what we believe is normal and when you are young and have a gullible mind it can even shape how you see reality and what you believe is right or wrong. Being exposed to violence from a very young age can have catastrophic consequences that can affect your life and the life of those around you. Let’s hope that society will come up with more productive or at least less violent ways to entertain young people.
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