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I need correction of my translation into english.
The dialogue between 2 princes,

Narrator;And in the square, the black knight Leon was dragged out.
He was shackled and bound.

King Zikmund
Hmm,,,Leon the Black Knight. You're miserable...
Anyway i want to ask you one thing before you die...
"Where is Freya?"


King Zikmund
I knew you don't,but that's useless.
I'm going to torture some elven nobles instead of you...
i let them answer my question.

You outragous princess Shiled...
Now i know why she didn't choose you.
That is all i have to say,kill me.

(Please...Freya....i want you to live...with my child...)

King Zikmund
…Yes,as just you wanted!!

Narrator:Zikmund held Leon's head high in the air

King Zikmund
Behold!!This is what happended to the Prince of Sartunia who resist us!!

Let us go on to Arceis,and behead the King Rennes!!

From this continent.
We must terminate all of the evil Elves!

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