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What is your story about learning languages?

I started to learn English when I was a middle school. Like in many countries it was an obligation to study English. However, I wasn't interested at all. I just wanted to talk with my friends, playing video games, and doing my homework like every child at that age. High school was the same story, but it changed when my brother decided to learn Japanese, he showed me an app called "Duolingo"; I noticed that he started to practice with that app every day, so I got a little bit intrigued about learning English. That was because at high school we always needed to do an exposition about our family, hobbies, and so on. However, I wasn't able to express myself neither in the basic concepts. And you know, that when you are in a warning situation your brain starts to panic and alert so you know it's time to learn a new skill. But after that, I relaxed and I left to practise English again. College wasn't different, I was just studying for tests and some expositions.
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[Novità] Ehi tu! Dico a te che stai imparando una lingua!

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