24 nov 2021

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Does this sound natural?


I also have experienced you had at Budget / Avis in Jaren airport.
If a rental car has been hired at Hertz, this would be very lucky like won a lottery because they never asked my credit card.
First of all, should keep your eyes on your bank account once they have your payment information as your tolling charge would be paid off later on stealthily as RCT replied me last time.
Secondly, in order to get a toll invoice every single time, get in touch with RCT by email.

Finally I have solved that issue by contacting the travel company, they sorted it out for me after calling a receptionist at the rental car company. However it might be a hassle but matter of times with patience.
In conclusion, the best option from my point of view is to hire car at Herz that doesn’t demand your own credit card.
Hope this helps.

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