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Che cosa significa 还有我们应该去那里的理由:探险是人类的本能。二百万年前在非洲人类演化并然后慢慢地不过确实地传播到整个地球由超出我们限制的本能。在我们里的事,他们繁荣地做这个。有些在文明和技术方面的最伟大的進步由我们的探险发生。 ?

And there's another reason we should go: exploration is in our DNA. Two million years ago humans evolved in Africa and then slowly but surely spread out across the entire planet by reaching into the wilderness that was beyond their horizons. This stuff is inside us. And they prospered doing that. Some of the greatest advances in civilization and technology came because we explored.
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Che cosa significa 还有我们应该去那里的理由:探险是人类的本能。二百万年前在非洲人类演化并然后慢慢地不过确实地传播到整个地球由超出我们限制的本能。在我们里的事,他们繁荣地做这个。有些在文明和技术方面的最伟大的進步由我们的探险发生。?
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