19 gen 2015

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I am working now at hotel which is located near Gwangan beach .
I am happy at this moment because I can see the wave of sea every single day and also can write this .
There are still some customers in here they are talking about "after life" now haha
Someone said I believe that there will be "after life" but another said there will be no that kind of world.
I asked by myself "is there "after life?"
Hmmm .... I think and felt ... There will be ... I think about death ( good death) I must regret if I don't have someone who love me when I die.
I should love myself and also find someone who love me .
It's not easy to find ... I'm getting older but I totally believe that I will meet special one before I die .

sembra naturale?

[Novità] Ehi tu! Dico a te che stai imparando una lingua!

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