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What does the sentence marked with * at the beginning mean?

Howard: But does it have peanut oil?
Leonard: Uh, I'm not sure, everyone keep an eye on Howard in case he starts to swell up.
Sheldon: Since it's not bee season, you can have my epinephrine.
Raj: Are there any chopsticks?
Sheldon: You don't need chopsticks, this is Thai food.
Leonard: Here we go.
Sheldon: Thailand has had the fork since the latter half of the nineteenth century. Interestingly they don't actually put the fork in their mouth, they use it to put the food on a spoon which then goes into their mouth.
*Leonard: Ask him for a napkin, I dare you. (a knock on the door.) I'll get it.
Howard: Do I look puffy? I feel puffy.

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