12 lug 2016

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Former president Bush lied about Iraq and Sadam, because of him (and other country leaders) many died. A war was waged against a country of sheppards, Americans and mostly Iraq people died. Sadam was hanged. Iraq continue to be a chaotic country, etc. How do you feel, specially former military men/women, about this? How do Iraq people feel (if there are any here)?

*This is an objective question and with it I have no intention to raise turmoil on you. In a documentary, a former police officer answered the question above by saying that he felt used, lied to, and even guilty. He said that there wasn't any reason for the government to lie and that if you cannot trust the president of a nation, who could you trust.

Remark: people not interested in the nature of this question or that are simply not willing to answer, are invited to move on to another question.

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