9 lug 2018

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Global Warming is already affecting humans, plants, and animals in number of ways such as rising sea-levels, droughts and changing weather patterns."
Nowsaday, global warming is a big issue

It is estimated that in next 50 or 100 year the temperature of earth would be increased dramatically which would create big problem of living on earth.

We must think about the causes and effects of global warming in order to make sure that we are in right direction of get rid of this issue.

We all agree that the main cause of global warming is the increase of carbon dioxide ( CO2)
Consquently , we decide to organie a group in order to tell people to stop producing C02

‎How do you organize that ?
Before we organize the group, we first write a charter listing:
1. The main objective
2. The name of the team members and the specialties of the team members.
3. The date and location of activity
This charter provides an overview of the rationale for the work and a description of the work to be done.
We will stick to the milestone to ensure the activity will be successfully and we will always think of 5W and 1H.

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  • Inglese (Stati Uniti)

  • Cinese tradizionale (Taiwan)

  • Cinese tradizionale (Taiwan)

  • Inglese (Stati Uniti)

  • Cinese tradizionale (Taiwan)
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